More Than Investments

As a client-centric firm, we take a holistic approach to working with clients, so in addition to our strategic planning and investment management services, we also consult and offer other services that frequently arise within our client base, including Insurance and Annuities and Estate and Executor support.

Insurance & Annuities

Are you looking for an objective review of your insurance and annuities? If so, FinTrust offers a unique approach to modeling and illustrating these complex products to insure that they are consistent and appropriate for your financial plan. In addition, when necessary, FinTrust utilizes its Referral Network to find the best resource for our clients.

Estate & Executor Support

Are you the executor or personal representative of an estate? If so, FinTrust can support you as a fiduciary advisor with our estate and executor support services. We will help you understand the process, complete documents, contact financial institutions, open and close necessary accounts, keep good accounting records, sell and distribute assets, and report to accountants, lawyers, and beneficiaries on a regular basis.

Need help with your estate or Inheritance strategy? Contact us today to get in touch with the right credentialed professional for your needs.



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