3 Things You May Not Know About the New Tax Plan, Part 2

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Undoubtedly,  you’ve heard about the new 2018 tax reform. An overhaul of this size is bound to generate many questions and uncertainties about your 2018 filing. We’ve compiled a list that will help you identify the changes that may affect you. Use this list as a reference, and be sure to ask your CPA before making any changes. Don’t have a CPA? We are happy to help by making a recommendation.

This is part two of a two part series.

1. Under the new tax plan everyone will lose personal exemptions.

This will be slightly offset by increases to child tax credits and the standard deduction.

*Note that the child tax credit does start to decrease when household income reaches $200K.


2. All 2% deductions are going away.

2% deductions include, but are not limited to, the following items:

  1. Moving expenses related to work
  2. Mileage expenses related to work
  3. All unreimbursed employee expenses
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3. The limit on non-taxable gifts has been raised to $15K per person.

This means gifting a child and their spouse $30K would not be taxed. This is useful when gifting property, as the property can be gifted on $30K increments over several years.

Financial Checklist: Buying a House

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