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Allen Gillespie: What’s Not Going to Change Due to The Election?

Allen Gillespie, President, Managing Partner Investments, discusses how the recent US election will (or won’t) affect investing. IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES: Securities offered through FinTrust Brokerage Services, LLC (Member FINRA/ SIPC) and Investment Advisory Services offered through FinTrust Capital Advisors, LLC.  Insurance services offered through FinTrust Capital Benefit Group, LLC. This material does not constitute an offer…
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Break & Educate: “Post-Election Market Forecast”

Allen Gillespie CFA, Managing Partner Investments at FinTrust Capital Advisors, held an online seminar on Tuesday, November 17, 2020. In case you missed that or would like to watch the seminar again, please click the video link. What may go down in history to be one of the most unprecedented elections, what will that mean…
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Are Stocks Too High To Buy?

A Benjamin Graham Analysis of the Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (Symbol: DIA) FinTrust Brokerage Services | Equity Research November 30, 2020 *Please see important certification and disclosure information at the bottom of this page. Download PDF Industry: Diversified Tracking ETF: SPDR Dow Jones Industrial ETF (DIA) Index Overview: The Dow Jones Industrial Average is…
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Wealth Management Quarterly: The Curse of Tippecanoe

Interview Editor’s note: The Q & A below is an interview conducted by Fintrust Director of Marketing and Client Engagement Paige Siniard, with Allen Gillespie, CFA®, President, Managing Partner Investments. November 2020  Download PDFQ4 2020: The Curse of Tippecanoe Q: Allen, last quarter you discussed temporal markers, what are you thinking about now? The Curse of…
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Break & Educate: Candice Tse at Goldman Sachs Presents “Empower the Female Investor”

Break & Educate: Candice Tse at Goldman Sachs Presents “Empower the Female Investor” EMPOWERING THE FEMALE INVESTOR In partnership, FinTrust Capital Advisors and Goldman Sachs present “Empower the Female Investor” with Candice Tse. We believe many women face financial planning challenges throughout their lives, including unpredictable life events and retirement planning hurdles. In this presentation, we take…
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FinTrust hires Donna Rasile as Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor September 14, 2020 – Charlotte, NC – FinTrust Capital Advisors is pleased to announce that Donna Rasile has joined the FinTrust team as Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor. Throughout her 30 years of experience, Donna has become a trusted advisor who truly listens to understand…
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