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Wealth Management Quarterly


THE CRASH AND REBOUND OF TINA 2018 Corrected Many Excesses—The Crash of TINA Q1 2019 Has Helped TINA Make A Comeback Download Wealth Management Quarterly PDF Allen Gillespie, CFA® Managing Partners of Investments Mercer Treadwell, CFA® Senior Vice President David Lewis CFA® Chief Financial Officer Thomas Sheridan Financial Analyst Holland Church Portfolio Administrator EXECUTIVE SUMMARY…
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FINTRUST PRESENTS: Opportunity in Opportunity Zones and SC State Tax Credit

Charleston CFO Council Meeting on March 20th and the Upstate CFO Council Meeting on March 21st FinTrust Capital Advisors recently presented at the Charleston and Upstate CFO Council meetings.  Allen Gillespie, CFA®, Chip Hardy, and Todd Mitchell, CPA presented research and explanations on investing in Opportunity Zones and the federal tax benefits. They shared the podium…
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Watching the Tape: February

February 2019 “All you need is love.  But a little chocolate doesn’t hurt now and then.” – Charles Shultz Valentine’s Day is a day of love and romance, a day of hearts and chocolate. Valentine’s Day is also a day of surprises (“OH NO, it’s today?!?”), followed by the joy of shopping for Someone Special…at…
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Are Stocks Too High To Buy?

A Benjamin Graham Analysis of the Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (Symbol: DIA) FinTrust Brokerage Services Equity Research December 17, 2018 *Please see important certification and disclosure information at the bottom of this page. Download PDF Industry: Diversified Tracking ETF: SPDR Dow Jones Industrial ETF (DIA) Index Overview: Two-thirds of the DJIA’s 30 component companies…
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Counting the Discounting

Today the 5 year bond yield fell below the 2 year bond yield Written December 4th, 2018 ALLEN GILLESPIE, CFA®  Today the 5 year bond yield fell below the 2 year bond yield.  The “inverted yield curve” certainly spooked stock investors, as stocks fell over 3%, because people know the yield curve has historically “inverted”…
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Watching the Tape: December

December 2018 “What I like about Christmas is that you can make people forget the past with the present.” – Don Marquis This December, investors should ask themselves three important questions: Do I need to make tax-related trades before the end of the year? Have I taken my IRA required minimum distribution? How can I…
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A Note to Our Investors

Thoughts on Crashes, Corrections and Computer Volatility Written October 23, 2018 ALLEN GILLESPIE, CFA®  The market is being asked to discount a lot at the moment. US Politics US/China trade politics US Interest Rate Policy As a result, people worry that the end of the central bank quantitative easing bubble is causing an October crash. …
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