Have a Plan

Proper estate planning is essential to a complete financial plan regardless of one’s level of wealth. If done properly, it allows you to minimize gift and estate taxes, as well as help your loved ones avoid a costly and time-consuming process after you pass away.

While working alongside your tax and legal advisors, your FinTrust advisor can help you integrate estate planning strategies with your retirement income needs, your asset allocation strategy, and your charitable gifting goals to create a cohesive estate plan.

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Avoiding Probate

The delays and costs of probate can potentially be avoided by having a living will, naming beneficiaries to your retirement and bank accounts, or owning property jointly with rights of survivorship.

Choosing an Attorney

Be sure to choose an experienced attorney with expertise in estate planning in your state before drafting the legal documents that make up your estate plan.


If you’ve recently lost a loved one, we can assist you by identifying what actions you may need to take and strategies for handling your inherited assets.

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