Plan to Preserve Your Wealth

Investments begin with savings and the fastest way to build wealth is to protect your money and make it grow. As a result, we understand the important role wealth preservation strategies play in providing for retirements, spouses, families, businesses, charities, and legacies. While insurance is frequently a part of a wealth protection plan, many wealthy individuals are sold too much insurance. Wealth protection planning involves far more than insurance, as it considers other factors like asset location, title, size, liquidity, valuation, volatility, control, and taxes.

Asset protection planning involves considering the return on your investments, as well as the legal risk to which those assets may be subject under different scenarios as retirement, investment, and trust accounts offer different levels of asset protection. When it comes to asset protection, there are no uniform answers. Asset protection strategies can vary by state, some states, for example, allow homestead exemptions or domestic asset protection trusts while others do not. In addition, individual, business, and family relationships can vary and court rulings can change even the best plans for asset protection.

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