What to Expect

The FinTrust Client On-Boarding Process

At FinTrust, we serve personal wealth management clients as well as corporations and institutions. While the specifics of the process outlined below will differ depending on whether you are an individual or institution, you can always expect professionalism, attention to detail, transparency, strategic thinking, and quality service.

A no-cost, introductory meeting to help you determine if FinTrust Capital Advisors is the right fit. During this time, we will have the opportunity to learn more about your values, your concerns, your important relationships, your financial goals, your investment needs and objectives. Meanwhile, you will have the opportunity to learn about the services we offer, the background of our professionals, our philosophy, methodologies, compensation, and find the answers to any other questions you may have.

If we mutually determine to proceed with the relationship, we will schedule a data gathering meeting or call. Prior to the meeting, we will provide you with a list of documents that we would like you to provide for our review. During the meeting, we will assist you in clearly defining and refining your goals, and we will discuss in more detail the specifics of your situation including personal values, assets, liabilities, investment experience, insurance coverage, spending and savings habits, and other material information.

If you decide to engage us, there are a variety of other meetings that might take place depending on the level of our involvement that you choose:

i. New Accounts Onboarding – If you decide to open new accounts under our management, we will meet with you to complete new account paperwork and coordinate the transfer of any existing accounts from other investment companies or former employers.

ii. Meeting with Other Advisors – We will accompany you to meetings with other advisors, such as attorneys or accountants, if you so choose.

iii. Technology Integration – We like to meet again once all new accounts have been opened to walk through your new logins and demonstrate how your accounts have been invested to correspond with the plan. We will also go over your personalized online portal which can be used for securely storing electronic documents, running account analytics, and sharing account information with your other trusted advisors. We will go over how to read your account statements.

Because many factors such as life events, market cycles, or changing personal values can have an impact on your plan, we generally recommend meeting at least on an annual basis to update and review your financial plan to ensure that you are still on target for attaining your goals. If you are not, we will make recommendations to get your plan back on track.

At FinTrust, we understand that our clients deserve outstanding, pro-active service. In addition to regular emails, snail mail, calls, blogs and articles, FinTrust hosts a variety of meet-up events, lunches, and conferences, and you may receive a periodic call from our office to ensure you are aware of any service concerns.

At FinTrust, we take a transparent, value based approach to client engagement. Fees and expenses are negotiated up front and we align our fees and expenses with the delivery of our services. We serve a wide variety of clients and tailor our services to our client’s specific needs. We charge ongoing fees for continuous ongoing work like portfolio management and strategic planning. For one-time projects, we charge project fees or securities commissions.



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