Why FinTrust?

Our Mission is to Deliver Financial Peace of Mind with Unequaled Confidence and Conviction.

Core Values

Our Core Values capture our firm’s collective heartbeat and represent the principals that direct how we serve our clients, relate to our colleagues, interact with our vendors and partners, and address our communities.

We are dedicated to maintaining intense focus on these ethical commitments and are proud to share them.


We are in a continual search for a deep intuitive understanding of our craft to better serve and advise our clients.


Business goes where its asked for and stays where it is appreciated. We know our clients have a choice, so we are humbly confident about our value proposition and appreciative of our client’s business.


We embrace our role as trusted financial advisors and fully understand our obligation to be vigilant and attentive stewards of all that is entrusted to us.


We do what we say and fully deliver. We value open and honest dialogue, acknowledge everyone’s right to dignity and use courtesy, civility and deference in all our interactions with our clients and colleagues.


We are comfortable promoting positive change. We believe in the power of compounding to change the world and thus we promote and continually strive for personal, professional and organizational growth.