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Watching the Tape: September

September 2019 Inherited Money or Earned Money? Earlier this summer the world lost Gloria Vanderbilt.  The eulogies talked mostly about her loves and dramas (Gloria lived a full life); those stories sell tabloids.  We prefer to remember her business skills.  For example, in the 1970’s, Gloria Vanderbilt basically re-invented the jean industry.   Later she launched…
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Mrs. Watanabe, allow me to introduce you to our clients.

Editor’s note: The Q & A below is an interview conducted by Fintrust Director of Marketing and Client Engagement Paige Siniard, with Allen Gillespie, CFA®, President, Managing Partner Investments. August 2019 Who is Mrs. Watanabe? Q: Allen, the other day in a Fintrust Investment Policy meeting you mentioned “Mrs. Watanabe.” Who is she? A: “Mrs.…
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Amazon Revisited A New Dutch East India Company or Bernanke’s Mississippi Bubble Stock? Part II

Special Report – Inc. (AMZN), Amazon Revisited: Part III

A New Dutch East India Company or Bernanke’s Mississippi Bubble Stock? Part IIIFinTrust Brokerage Services Equity Research July 30, 2019 *Please see important certification and disclosure information at the bottom of this page. Download PDFIndustry: Wholesale Distribution GICS Sector/ Sub code: Electrical Apparatus and Equipment / 5063 Company Summary: Founded in 1994, opened its…
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FinTrust Financial Forum 2019: Innovation

FinTrust Capital Advisors Hosts Its Third FinTrust Financial Forum On Wednesday, May 22, 2019 FinTrust Capital Advisors hosted an informative, collaborative conference focused on innovation and intellectual property at Zen in downtown Greenville. The FinTrust Financial Forum featured eight sessions, thirteen speakers, and nine discussion tables. The 200 guests included FinTrust clients and centers of…
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Wealth Management Quarterly


THE CRASH AND REBOUND OF TINA 2018 Corrected Many Excesses—The Crash of TINA Q1 2019 Has Helped TINA Make A Comeback Download Wealth Management Quarterly PDFAllen Gillespie, CFA® Managing Partners of Investments Mercer Treadwell, CFA® Senior Vice President David Lewis CFA® Chief Financial Officer Thomas Sheridan Financial Analyst Holland Church Portfolio Administrator EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Monetary…
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