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June 2018: News, Insights & Interests

A Collection of Articles We Enjoyed this Month

  • senior fraud

    Theft From the Elderly is on the Rise

    This article starts out with an extremely troubling story of an older woman who lost everything through a sweepstakes scam. Stories like this can be hard to read, but the article does offer information that could help you spot the signs that a vulnerable loved one has been targeted in a scam.  Read the full article here.

  • Privacy

    13 Things to Know About the Latest Privacy Policy Updates

    Have you notice your inbox filling up with privacy policy update notices lately? This is due partly to a new law taking effect in Europe. This article gives you the basic information you need to know.

  • deductions Tax

    2018 Tax Deductions

    This article outlines what you can expect from 2018 individual tax deductions. They will primarily provide incentive for home ownership, charitable contribution, retirement contributions. Read the full article here.

  • Audit

    Red Flags That Can Trigger An IRS Audit

    This article outlines some red flags that the IRS might look at when deciding who to audit. Read the full article here.

  • writing a book

    Banker Aims to Change the Way Would Be Authors Approach Their First Book

    A new publishing start-up wants to help new authors overcome many first book challenges. De MontFort Literature will to provide support through education, and salary for aspiring authors. Read more here or visit their website here.

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