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New Year, Time to Get Digitally Fit!

Mozilla has published a 3 step data cleanse that will help you get digitally fit this new year. The recommendations include a detox that consists of a few small things you can do each day to refresh your data and get rid of those old photos and creepy ads that follow you around the internet. Read more here.

Social Security will go up 2% in 2018

Social security recipients will receive an extra 2% in 2018. This is the largest increase since 2012. read more about this Cost of Living Adjustment here.

Mother Daughter
Aflac Doubles 401K Match After Tax Overhaul

In light of the tax overhaul that was signed late last month, Aflac has decided to double their 401K match. Learn more in here.

Estate Planning
Lower 10 of Your Bills This New Year

The new year is a great time to take a fresh look at your monthly bills. MSN Money offers a few tips on how to lower some of your bills in the new year here.

Woman Founders and Funders in 2017

Forbes released a list of the top female founders and funders for each month of 2017. Highlights include Lucy, a start-up that offers a support system for new moms, and Woman-Led Tala For Micro-Loans Via Smartphone. Read more here.

Roth IRA
Tech Predictions for 2018

CNN Money did the research, and they have released a list of the top 6 tech trend predictions for 2018. Predictions include an increase in augmented reality on your phone. Read all of the predictions here.

The Importance of Security Selection
Films From the Economist

We are fascinated with the new ‘films’ from the economist. You can view their “The Worls in 2018” series here.

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