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The Dow Jones Industrial Average

A Benjamin Graham Analysis of the Dow 30 Industry: Diversified Tracking ETF: SPDR Dow Jones Industrial ETF (DIA) Index Overview: Two-thirds of the DJIA’s 30 component companies are manufacturers of industrial and consumer goods while the others represent diverse industries. When Charles H. Dow first unveiled his industrial stock average on May 26, 1896, the…
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Roth 401(k)

Fixed Income Research: September 2017

Domestic Rates: Government United States Treasuries, Agencies, and Municipals Intended for Institutional Investors Only – See Important Disclosures Below Current Rates: Source: Bloomberg indexes – Treasury H15T, Agency BVSUG, and SC Municipal BMSTSC as of 8/31/2017 Current Yield Curve: Source: St. Louis Federal Reserve FRED Database RATES COMMENTARY: TRUMPED The yield curve continues to flatten…
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FinTrust Investment Advisors and Broad Street Capital Advisors Announce Merger

Greenville, SC – FinTrust Investment Advisors and Broad Street Capital Advisors are pleased to announce their merger.  On a combined basis, the firm serves as a fiduciary advisor to over $1.2 billion in client assets and advises over $1.6 billion in total client assets. FinTrust Partner Allen Gillespie stated, “The partners have had a strong…
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What I learned about Bulls while vacationing in Jackson Hole, WY

10 Things to Understand about Bulls: Insights from the Jackson, WY Rodeo 1. Bulls can be tough to ride for 8 seconds, even for experienced cowboys. Lesson for Investors: Bull markets will try and buck you off.  Hold on tightly. 2. Bulls are larger than bears. Lesson for Investors: Bull markets will typically last longer than bear markets.…
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