FinTrust Capital Advisors Hosts Its Third FinTrust Financial Forum

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019 FinTrust Capital Advisors hosted an informative, collaborative conference focused on innovation and intellectual property at Zen in downtown Greenville. The FinTrust Financial Forum featured eight sessions, thirteen speakers, and nine discussion tables. The 200 guests included FinTrust clients and centers of influence from around the Southeast.

Ken Segall delivered the keynote speech on the value of simplicity. Ken worked as the global agency creative director on behalf of Apple and is responsible for that little “i” that served as the naming foundation for Apple’s revolutionary products. Other speakers included: Candice Tse (U.S. Head of Market Strategy at Goldman Sachs); Scott Kieff, (Former Commissioner of the U.S. International Trade Commission); and Dirk Brown (Faculty Director, McNair Institute for Entrepreneurism and Free Enterprise), and experts from MIT Age Lags, Partner MD, USC School of Musical Entrepreneurship, Comfort Keepers, Public Education Partners, the South Carolina Department of Commerce, South Carolina Research Authority, and various local professionals.

Guests left the conference with a better understanding of the innovations and intellectual property driving economic developments both locally and globally.

For questions about the FinTrust Financial Forum, and to become a FinTrust client, contact us, or call 864-288-2849.

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Session Graphics

Renatta Pastorino illustrated each session. In case you missed something at the forum, check out these graphic representations of each session.

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