Fintrust Financial Forum 2019

The FinTrust Financial Forum: INNOVATION

The Morning of Wednesday May 22nd

Mark your calendars for the Third FinTrust Financial Forum! The forum will be held at Zen in downtown Greenville, SC.

South Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601

We look forward to the opportunity to spend the morning with you discussing innovation and intellectual property. This year, our program will include several experts on the innovative work happening locally in the southeast, globally, and throughout history. Join us for an informative and entertaining program!

Our Keynote Speaker will be Ken Segall.

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Fintrust Financial Forum | Innovation | May, 22nd 2019

Doors Open at 8:15 for Breakfast and Social, First Speaker Goes on at 8:45.

8:45 – Open
Candice Tse, the US Head of Market Strategy at Goldman Sachs Presents, Market and Economic Perspectives: Pressure Points

10:00 – Breakout Session
Studio: F. Scott Kieff, Former Commissioner of the U.S. International Trade Commission
Lotus: MIT AgeLab Presents, 5 Ways Technology Will Change How You Age

11:00 – Space to Innovate
Deep dive into innovations across sectors: Choose a table to discuss innovation with industry leaders, or explore our gallery in the lotus lounge.

11:45 – Breakout Session
Studio: Local Innovation Panel
Lotus: A Richer Life Panel

12:30 – Lunch
Get your lunch in either room, and head to the studio for the keynote

1:00 – Ken Segall
Ken Segall is responsible for that little “i” that served as a naming foundation for Apple’s revolutionary products.

2:00 – Q&A
Ask Ken Questions

2:30 – The Future of FinTech & Closing Remarks
Allen Gillespie, CFA® discusses new trends in FinTech


Keynote Speaker

Ken Segall is responsible for that “i” that served as a naming foundation for Apple’s revolutionary products.

Ken Segall worked closely with Steve Jobs for over 12 years as his ad agency creative director spanning NeXT and Apple. He led the creative team behind Apple’s famous Think different campaign, and is responsible for that little “i” that served as a naming foundation for Apple’s revolutionary products.

Ken is the New York Times bestselling author of Insanely Simple and Think Simple, which demonstrate the power of simplicity as practiced by Steve Jobs and other brilliant leaders.

Ken served as global creative director for such iconic brands as Dell, Intel, BMW and IBM.

He currently consults with major brands in strategy, marketing and product naming; he blogs on technology and marketing at; and he has fun with it all at his Apple satire site,



Candice Tse, The US Head of Market Strategy within Strategic Advisory Solutions at Goldman Sachs Presents, Market and Economic Perspectives: Pressure Points

Candice is the US Head of Market Strategy within Strategic Advisory Solutions. She is responsible for economic and market strategy, along with client engagement on investment solutions.

Prior to her current role, Candice worked in Fundamental Equity Product Management, Institutional Sales with a focus on relationship management and  business development, and as a team leader for institutional equity in portfolio administration. Her areas of expertise include ESG and Impact Investing, Womenomics, and emerging markets.

Candice earned a B.S. in Marketing, Magna Cum Laude, from Rutgers University and an MBA in Finance and Management from Columbia Business School.

Candice Tse



Public Education Partners has a simple mission: to lead our community in acting collectively to support, strengthen and advance public education and student achievement in Greenville County Schools.

After graduating from Washington and Lee University in 2004 and joining Teach For America, Ansel began his career as an 8th grade English-Language Arts teacher in Baltimore. While in Baltimore, Ansel earned a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) from Johns Hopkins University.

Upon moving to Greenville in 2007, Ansel served as an Administrative Assistant at Mauldin Middle School before being appointed as the founding Program Director of A.J. Whittenberg Elementary School of Engineering in Greenville in 2009, the state’s first elementary school with a school-wide engineering focus. While at Whittenberg, Ansel also was the Lead Planner for the Dr. Phinnize J. Fisher Middle School in Greenville and earned an Education Specialist in School Leadership (M.A.T+30) credential from Furman University.

In 2012, Ansel and his family moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, after he was admitted the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s new Doctor of Education Leadership (Ed.L.D.) program. For the program’s residency year, in 2014, Ansel moved to Memphis, Tennessee, to serve as the Achievement School District’s Director of Partnerships.

In 2015, Ansel and his family moved back to Greenville and he assumed the Associate Director position at PEP before becoming PEP’s second President and CEO in 2017. Ansel oversees the implementation of PEP’s strategic plan, which focuses on positioning Greenville as an ideal destination for teachers and the teaching profession, leveraging an advocacy point of view to advance public education and student achievement in Greenville County Schools, and ensuring PEP has the capacity to operate at the systems-level.



Mr. Townes, a well-known entrepreneur in the aerospace services arena, is President, CEO and a Director of Ranger Aerospace (and its affiliates), the company that he founded in early 1997.

Mr. Townes has acquired, built and sold an array of companies during his long career, investing in both leveraged buyouts and growth equity transactions. He has held several successive CEO positions in Ranger’s ventures since founding, notably of Keystone Helicopter, ASIG, Ranger International Services Group, and most recently Ranger AeroSystems LLC and Ranger Airshop Holdings, Inc.

Townes is an engineering graduate of West Point. Steve earned the coveted Eisenhower Award upon graduation there. He also holds an MBA from Long Island University and the PMD program at Harvard Business School. He is a featured speaker at aerospace conventions and symposia and has testified on aviation matters before the U.S. House of Representatives, FAA, and NTSB.

Under his leadership for over 22 years, Ranger’s previous subsidiary revenues and profits rose steadily in each of Ranger’s three large successful “exits.” The latest large company is ACL Airshop, with air cargo support operations at 52 of the world’s Top 100 airports, and an ultramodern new factory opened recently in Greenville. That global company has doubled in less than three years, and Townes predicts ACL Airshop will become Ranger’s most valuable enterprise, ever. Ranger’s previous divested companies have earned ISO-9000 quality certifications, FAA Diamond Awards, and best supplier  awards from major customers, alongside deep operational improvements and superior financial results and returns for investors. The Ranger Aerospace team, and Townes, have been known for positive, principled “Transformational Leadership” in their many hard-charging enterprises over the years.

Steve Townes