Carrie Corbin, Senior Client Service Administrator shares her love for local waterfalls.

Over the years I have enjoyed visiting the local waterfalls and learned of the book, Waterfall Hikes of Upstate South Carolina by Thomas E. King and ordered it. Trips that begin with the drive; by motorcycle, Slingshot, Vanderhall, convertible, or even by boat, being in the beauty of our mountains clears my mind. Once arriving, some waterfalls are only a short walk away and some require a mile or more hike in. I have been to several over the years. In his book, author Thomas E. King (who is an Anderson native), goes through the more popular well-known waterfalls but also digs into ones a bit more remote and less visited. A beautiful ride in the open air, a brisk walk, and a destination of a waterfall… and it’s all local.

I love learning about our local and state history, but I also love the people.  I enjoy meeting the owners of our local restaurants, inns, breweries, wineries, and shops as well.  I’m always in for a good farmers’ market and local breakfast.  We are still in the wake of COVID so the waterfalls fit in perfectly for a day outing.  South Carolina Tourism Official Site is also a good place for local ideas or where to go, eat, and stay all throughout the state.

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“Waterfall Hikes of Upstate South Carolina” is available through Amazon.

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