February 2018: News, Insights & Interests

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Equifax Data Breach: Worse than Initially Reported

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is launching a full scale probe into the Equifax data breach. New information reveals that tax and driver’s license information may have been exposed on a larger scale than was initially reported. Read the full article here.

Read our tips on protecting yourself from fraud, and what to do when facing potential identity theft.

Identity Theft
Quote From Our Portfolio Manager Cliff Hodge, CFA®

Our Portfolio Manager Cliff Hodge, CFA® was quoted in Forbes Magazine today regarding the market correction. “It’s important not to lose sight of the big picture. Now is a great time for investors to review their portfolio and rebalance back to target weights, and resist the urge to emotionally react.”

Read Cliff’s full quote along with other industry pros.

February 2018
Morningstar’s 2017 Fund Managers of the Year

Morningstar named the Prudential Total Return Fund Manager as their Fixed Income Manager of the year.  The Prudential Total Return Fund has been a FinTrust holding for over 5 years. Read the full article here.

fund of the year
Changes in the way 401K Sponsors think about Fiduciaries

This investment news article provides new research that shows more 401k sponsors are hiring independent fiduciary advisors.

Simple IRA
Simple Tips to Help you be More Productive

This article contains 6 simple tips that will help you be more productive everyday by thinking like an economist. I found the tip “put your long-term self in charge” particularly helpful.

Tax Overhaul Prompts Enhancement to 401K Plans

Companies across industries are announcing improvements to employee match percentages in their 401K plans. Read more here.

Robots Vs. Drones: Who will win the Future of Package Delivery

Amazon has devoted an entire division to developing delivery drones, but they have also invested in ground-based driver-less delivery vehicle. This article explores the public’s reaction to each.

Delivery Drone

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