Break & Educate Midterm Recap

With 2021 in the rear window, what can we take away and plan for in 2022 when it comes to our investments? How can you position your portfolio for what is ahead?

In this video recap, Donna Rasile, Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor with FinTrust Capital Advisors, joins Allen Gillespie, FinTrust’s Chief Investment Officer, as he summarizes last year’s markets and provides insightful portfolio strategies for the New Year.

Allen Gillespie

Allen Gillespie started in the investment industry in 1995 and serves as the Chief Investment Officer for FinTrust Capital Advisors.  In his role, Allen is responsible for overseeing client portfolios and the FinTrust investment team.  Allen works closely with FinTrust’s advisors to help analyze portfolios and develop investment recommendations and implementation strategies for clients.

Donna Rasile focuses on helping clients achieve their financial and life goals by employing her holistic and customized approach. Her goal is to deliver financial peace of mind to each client.  She has extensive investment experience, and she uses this experience and knowledge to develop comprehensive plans tailored to fit each client’s personal needs. She prides herself on developing a deep connection with her clients and focuses on her goal of delivering the best in client service.

With her Registered Life Planner credential, she knows the important questions to ask her clients, she actively listens, and she creates the opportunity for them to live a richer, more meaningful life.

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