Navigating ESG now and in the future.

You are invited to join Donna Rasile, Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor at FinTrust Capital Advisors as she hosts an engaging discussion from specialists in the field of Environmental, Social, and Governance. This discussion will touch on two different aspects, investing sustainably and positioning your business.

During this Break & Educate seminar, you will hear from experts Candice Tse and Britt Lothridge. Candice is the U.S. head of market strategy within strategic advisory solutions at Goldman Sachs, and Britt is the Senior Vice President Renewable Energy Finance with United Community Bank. Donna Rasile with FinTrust Capital Advisors will moderate an informative Q&A. These investment professionals will provide informative information on Investing Sustainably with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and the importance of ESG in your business. Gain knowledge on the following:

  1. What ESG is and how to invest in it.
  2. How a business can think in regard to ESG.
  3. Make an impact with ESG.

Candice TseCandice Tse is the US head of market strategy within strategic advisory solutions at Goldman Sachs. She is responsible for economic and market strategy, along with client engagement on investment solutions. Her areas of expertise include ESG and Impact Investing, Womenomics, and emerging markets.

Britt Lothridge is the Senior Vice President, Renewable Energy Finance with United Community Bank. He works with the bank’s clients to help understand and manage their energy consumption and ultimately finance energy-efficient upgrades as well as renewable energy systems at their facilities. Britt understands that no two companies are alike. He strives to understand the clients’ short and long-term goals and the most cost-effective processes to achieve them.

United Community Bank combines top-of-the-line financial solutions with award-winning satisfaction for our customers. The company’s industry-leading experts and a full suite of digital banking services provide their customers with tools to meet their financial goals.

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Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor

Donna focuses on helping clients achieve their financial and life goals through a holistic and customized approach to financial planning and wealth management. With extensive investment industry experience, she pulls on this experience and knowledge to develop comprehensive plans that are designed to deliver financial peace of mind. She honors meaningful client relationships while focusing on a goal to deliver excellent client service.

Donna employs an integrative approach with her clients, as well as their families. She excels in working with women, helping them to visualize their financial futures while equipping them with the tools needed to realize their goals.

As a Registered Life Planner, she asks her clients important questions while actively listening. Understanding their life goals, Donna is able to help them align their financial goals with their life goals.

During her casual hours, Donna enjoys a passion for cooking and entertaining, considering herself to be a “foodie.” She enjoys walking, Pilates, reading and enjoys family time with her husband, Bob, and their two adult children.

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