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In addition to studying trends that impact our client’s investments, our analysts also watch trends in the investment advisory industry. One key trend we are watching is the changing demographic makeup of the professional advisor population.


If you charted the ages of all professional advisors, you would see a clear u-shape in the center of your chart. There are plenty of young advisors and older advisors, but there aren’t as many mid-career advisors. A large proportion of professional advisors are nearing the traditional retirement age. This u-shaped population curve is not unique to the professional advisor population; it is also present in the population as a whole.


Why is this important? During the next 25 years, we will witness the largest ever generational transfer of wealth. Cerulli Associates estimates that $68 trillion will move between generations.


This huge transfer of wealth will affect our industry in countless ways. You’ve likely thought about the ways you can ease this transition for your clients while cultivating relationships with their eventual heirs. You may meet with their adult children and spouses, open trusts and 529 plans for their grandchildren, or maybe you have embraced the online account monitoring tools that younger generations will require.


But, have you thought about where you stand personally and professionally in this huge transfer of wealth? Some estimates indicate that up to 80% of the Millennials and Gen Zs that will inherit wealth in the coming decades will leave their parent’s and grandparent’s advisors.  Are you in a position to focus on meeting the demands of your new client base? Do you have a clear path to your own retirement and the eventual transition of your book of business?


While many independent advisors are still building the infrastructure they will need to take full advantage of this huge transfer of wealth, we’ve spent the past decade laying the groundwork that puts us in an agile position to make the most of this opportunity. We are built for growth, and we are looking for partners who would like to be a part of that growth.


We are an independent mid-size firm with the structure in place to custody accounts at NFS, Fidelity, and Schwab, and aggregate accounts from other custodians. We believe in the value of a strong network with high quality connections, and we have cultivated a large network of clients, advisors, support staff, and contacts through the years.


Many advisors who have 30+ years of experience, are working for themselves in independent operations where it is difficult to define a clear plan for transitioning into retirement. If you know that you will want to retire soon, or even a few years down the road, we can work with you to ensure that you receive first-rate compensation for your book of business while making sure your clients are well taken care of by a fully integrated team of professionals.


For exceptional early and mid-career advisors, we have the structure in place to help you maintain and grow your current client base. We can also position you to work closely with advisors who are transitioning into retirement.


We have a team of over 30 employees, including a large, highly credentialed support staff with CPA, CFA®, CFP® and AIF® designations that are here to help you and your clients. Once you are fully transitioned, you will enjoy the benefits of an in-house compliance department that will help you navigate regulations, expert IT support, and an established marketing and web presence that will help you generate new client leads. We’ve also invested heavily in the online tools our clients want. If you make the decision to transition to FinTrust, our highly credentialed support staff will aim to ensure that you see little impact to your day-to-day operations during the onboarding process.


As a boutique investment firm FinTrust along with Fidelity and Schwab, the two largest independent custodial platforms, offer advisors expertise and stability. This massive wealth transfer and industry demographic shift provides enormous opportunities within the wealth management industry. We welcome the opportunity to share more with advisors interested in partnering with our growing firm.


If you and your clients are looking for more infrastructure, less corporate intrusion, and a more boutique financial firm culture, FinTrust may be the perfect fit for you.

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Our mission is simple: “to deliver financial peace-of-mind with unequaled confidence and conviction.” However, the execution of that mission requires that we have the right people, platform, processes, and procedures.

We value professionals who have a depth of knowledge, who believe in operating with integrity, and who act with a sense of stewardship for their clients, families, and communities. Our team is comprised of highly experienced and credentialed professionals, including those with CPA, CFA®, CFP® and AIF® designations, and we deliver financial peace-of-mind through a range of investment services, including:

  • Strategic Retirement & Financial Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Retirement Plan Consulting
  • Institutional Brokerage Services
  • Research & Thought Leadership
  • Fiduciary Consulting


We believe that a positive work-life balance is essential for career satisfaction. That’s why we offer an enticing collection of benefits and perks. The comprehensive package includes medical, dental, and vision benefits; 401K retirement plan; employee profit unit plan; and tuition and licensing reimbursement among other perks.